Freedom Through Extinction

by Nanochrist

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released September 2, 2016

Music: Mike Bryant

Lyrics: Scworm
(Except "Liquify": Lyrics by Ciel Strong and Scworm)

Arranged and eyebrows put on by Nanochrist


all rights reserved



Nanochrist Toronto, Ontario

Industrial Metal in the vein of Fear Factory, Blood Stain Child, and Blue Stahli.

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Track Name: Infernal Devices
Clockwork automatons
Vigilant in their mission
Warped through time and space
For parts to replace

Can't you see that you're the one that sent them from another time to force surrender of your mind and other parts which you defined so you will never have to die The Doctor got it wrong this time they're products of your own design resisting them is suicide.

Sacrosanct programming
Gear driven understanding
Soullessly retrieving
Self-imposed destiny

You fight yourself for self -control

Born of the perfect mind
Millennia ahead of time
Patiently they will abide
Then harvest that which you've refined

Folly to resist your master plan
Immortality stolen by your own hand
You've frozen their gears to achieve three more years
Immortality sacrificed to your human fears

You sent them to make you immortal
Track Name: Sleep Guardian
Isolated to my mind
Cut away from human kind
Solitary by design
No desire to read your signs

Afraid of achievement, attention it brings
Raised expectations yanking your strings
Afraid of connection exposing insides
Revealing psychosis, affirming your lies
Afraid of intelligence wounding your pride
Tweezing a brain that's lacking inside

You'll never be
You'll never be my saviour
You'll never be
You'll never be the one i cry for
You'll never be
You'll never be
The one I scream for in my sleep

Afraid of conjecture to weather the storm
That voicing opinion is welcoming scorn
Afraid of ideas in seminal force
The power to recast and alter our course
Afraid of surviving destruction of earth
And forced to bear witness to mother's rebirth
Track Name: Hallowed Be
Hope's elation is shattered and disdained
Disappointment in all that still remains
Liquidation of all your mortal strains
Elocution of history's blood stains

Carry on with this charade of caring and respect
Forcing smiles with poisoned lies, happy to infect

Peristaltic waves crass economy
Brash undignified conflict energy
Undisturbed by this static synergy
Overwhelmed by their constant scrutiny

Savagery over signed
Empathy redefined
Judgement day
Under way
Stripped away

Spitting out a litany of ignorance and greed
Spreading out a feast of lies where whores of men will feed

Parasitic mind faking empathy
And transmogrified by stupidity
Losing consciousness as we suffocate
On the bleaching lies which they defecate

Calibrate sympathy
Sentient scrutiny
Make believe
Dogma pile
Hallowed be

Catalyst of ignorance, expanding insignificance, resounding intolerance,
Able bodied miscreants, life affirming dissidents, hallowed be thy name

Disenchanted by errant prophecy
Disaffected by hopeful fantasy
Holding up your faith, stretch it out a bit
Molded in his form, sculpted out of shit
Track Name: Orphan Vacuum
Intelligently catastrophic
Similarly anti logic
Power reappropriate
Matter disintegrate
Ruthless disposition
Unrefined remission
Void of all distinction
Freedom through extinction

Force myself to make believe
Forge a god of wrath and greed
Imaginary will to feed
Mold dead ears in which to pray
Altars to a fresh idol
Communion wine vitriol
I can't seem to sell my soul
And I'd sell my soul for nothing

Unexplained symbolism
Tailored force suffersystem
Solipsistic solipsism
Uncontrolled revisionism
Frozen static television
Reprogramming everyone

I cannot deny myself, muted joy from tortured screams
Sour bile boiling rising coating soothing horrible dreams

Conscience degenerate
Open arms assimilate
Viruses congratulate
Mechanical barbiturate

Wrapping sacrifice in shrouds
Build a temple to the clouds
Original thought disallowed
Kill the whores who don't believe
Force your god with terrorism
Suppress other activism
Cult born through revisionism
Orphan vacuum defecate

Horrified reactionist
Chain letter anarchist
Mass mail exhibitionist
Competence illusionist
Track Name: Liquify
Blinded by toxic fumes
And dust settling
Fist melted into the ground
Lingering voices, crying out
Pouring into dead ears
This place is endless
All battleground, and we are all going down

Bombs away, fire in the sky
Machines that shred through space and time
Fallout shelters will not save your life
Tt's time to liquify
Upgrade and liquify
The only chance for you to survive
You've got to liquify
Liquify or die

Smoke rises, seen from miles away
The stench of death begins to spread
Invisible forces, crushing skulls
They're known for their intolerance
They will destroy all human kind

You can't amend your flesh
You'll slowly turn to ash
No glory in those skies
Unless you liquify

Your motley regimen of pathetic resistance leaves us numb to your pain. Feel our hate in your human bones as our wheels snuff out your fight. Your luddite army cannot overcome the force of machines taking over, grinding your flesh to ash between our gears, we barely notice you. Who will you answer to when humanity calls? The machine is the only way. There is no salvation for your immortal soul. The only continuity that can ever be granted you is that of the ultimate overlord of the machines in which we become one. Liquify or die. Liquify! Liquify or die.

To survive you must become like mercury
Liquify and embrace me
Track Name: Forcefeed
Forcefeeding you sanity
Teaching you humility
Borrow some humanity
Cutting free from this disease
Human spill of programming
Leaking out into the sea
The fish are watching MTV
We couldn't let them be

Cold devoid of energy
Soul defeating latency
Devolving back into the sea
Suffocating synergy
Stop your feeble mind's resistance
Sever ties to this existence
Surrender will breaking free
sSuicide though apathy

Faces now look all the same
Frozen soulless masks
Brimming with disdain
Perform your never-ending tasks
Every day the same old thing
Swamped in mediocrity
Uniform pressed flat and clean
Consumed by a machine

I never looked like you
I never wanted to
I never felt like you
I never wanted to
Track Name: Prosecutrix
It usually takes me much, much further than this
To grasp the tendrils of terminal bliss
To raise your fists, or raise your voice
Indelicately, definitively
Turning back

Raise your fists or raise your voice
Indelicately, definitively
Raise your fists or raise your voice
Indelicately, definitively
Turning back, turning back

They'll cringe and cower, as you flex your gentle power
Intestinal, residual, malfunction
Co-dependent superior, authoritative by design
Unnatural, beautiful, error
Track Name: Batteries
Kill, rape, eat, repeat

Cannibalistic humanoid
Lifeforms from beyond the void
Nomadic through necessity
Destroying everything they see
Lies create complacency
Warping all you hear and see
Just to keep our minds asleep
Ignorant to the fact we're meat

Everything they do is done with elegance and grace
The peaceful hushed finality of wiping out a race
Horror from beyond the stars alight to bring your doom
Consuming everything they find leave nothing to exhume

They keep your mind asleep and your eyes awake
They tell you what to want while they teach you who to hate
They program what they want for you to want to want from them
They wrap it in a gilded box and promise delirium
Everything you thought you knew
Subterfuge drilled into you
Born and bred to be their food
Cosmic lies keep you subdued

Dissect you, infect you, ingest you, reject you
Track Name: River Song
Forced intestinal, parody your faith
Cut your soul apart, tear your heart away
Guerilla sentinel, a uniform of hate
Assuming master race, humankind's mistake
Reflective electorate, unified insane
Proletariat blood pays the toll of shame

Nurtured redundancy
Painful epiphany
Noted divergency
Tortured reality

Xenophobic furniture scatters for escape
Degenerate constructivist, guidance is innate
Armed with vitriol, fused with heresy
Raping common sense, fresh out of mercy
Bending to the will, breaking on the wheel
Catatonic nightmare, redefined in steel

Subtle emergency
Painful dichotomy
Terrorize helpfully
Murderous solvency

Feigning sympathy for insurgency
Forcing scrutiny, so transparently
Solipsist impermanence, solid state indifference
Kinesthetic hallucination, interference masturbation
Colourful xenocide, tastefully mortified
Empathetic patricide, mottled and annulled
Birthrights rescinded, battered and dissolved
Condescension necessary, last yet to evolve

Didactic empathy
Practiced hypocrisy
Hate-bred with infancy
Damaged morality
Tortured biology
Raptured insurgency
Vengeful ecology
Terminal misery
Fortified certainty
Avarice rise in me
Balanced reality
Satisfied entropy
Track Name: Cry Xenocide
23 ships blot horizon
Imminent sign of destruction
No touch down, risk infection
Eviscerate without exception
Nothing here worth salvaging
Uncontrolled reprobate
Recommendation: exterminate

They're in our way
We want this space
Cry xenocide
And take this place
They haven't earned
The right to be
Cry xenocide
Erase the breed

No design worth noting
Just animals, most bloating
Pallid skin, revolting
Shit fed shit, emoting
Their insane; somewhat curious
Intelligencia, while oblivious
Publicly cheered, privately jeered
Milked for knowledge, disappeared

It's our space now
You run like hell
You're only garbage to expel
Track Name: Exterminate Me
Wipe me down with kerosene
Circumvent my self-esteem
Switch my blood for mercury
Take my eyes so you can see

Subjugate my need to breathe
Force abhorrent ways to feed
Disallow my right to breed
Undermining sanity
Rectify my sentience
Suffocate, remove, and cleanse
Torture out my common sense
Masturbating sufferance

Salvation denied
Extinguish my eyes
Life support defied
Dictate my demise

Wash my eyes with ignorance
Castrate my deliverance
Exploit my impermanence
Bleach away my whore’s intent

Salvation denied
Exterminate me
Extinguish my eyes
Exterminate me
Life support defied
Exterminate me
Dictate my demise

Exterminate me

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